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Fidelity Building Inspections

We believe a great investment deserves a great investigation

We believe a great investment deserves a great investigation

We help our clients feel secure in choosing us through a consistent pursuit of training and education regarding the latest in building systems and components.

We help our clients feel secure in choosing us through a consistent pursuit of training and education regarding the latest in building systems and components.

50 Years of ExPERIENCE

Based in The Puget Sound

Fully Licensed

Our History

In 1997 the standards for building inspections were not where they needed to be. Founder Rod Beacham, then a general contractor, was repeatedly asked by home and business owners to help repair some terrible disaster that had occurred because of poor craftsmanship or neglect. Fidelity Building Inspections was created because we believe a large investment into a home or building deserves a thorough investigation.

Fidelity Today

Fidelity Building Inspections has become the premier company in the field of building inspections. It has come to be known for its outstanding work in the field.

With our team of experienced and dedicated experts, we have set a high standard in Washington with the quality of our inspections and training programs. Our staff train relentlessly to ensure they are always up-to-date with the latest industry practices and technologies.

Our reputation in the inspection industry is a testament of our commitment to providing thorough, accurate, and reliable inspections. We take pride in our work and understand the importance of ensuring the safety and integrity of every property we inspect. Whether it’s a residential or commercial building, we bring our expertise and attention to detail to every job.

At Fidelity Building Inspections we do more than just Inspect.

At Fidelity Building Inspections, we go above and beyond inspecting because of our deep passion for building environments, systems, and components. Our unwavering commitment to excellence drives us to seek continuous improvement. We’ve obtained numerous qualifications and undertaken extensive training to ensure we are fully equipped to serve our valued clientele. Our dedication to expanding our knowledge and expertise means that when you choose us, you’re choosing a team that is not just passionate but exceptionally well-qualified to address your real estate and property needs. Your trust in us is a trust in a team that’s dedicated to delivering outstanding service and solutions.

Our Certifications & Trainings

ASHI Certified Inspectors

Our team of ASHI Certified Inspectors is a testament to our commitment to excellence. We’ve invested extensively in our people, ensuring they undergo rigorous training to earn the prestigious American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) certification. When you choose us, you’re choosing a team with unmatched expertise in home inspections. Rest easy, knowing our professionals are equipped with the knowledge and training to provide you with top-tier service.

Certified HUD Consultants

Our Certified HUD Consultants are the result of unwavering dedication to education and training. With a profound understanding of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) regulations, our consultants are equipped to provide you with unparalleled guidance in navigating housing programs and regulations. We continue to invest in our team’s training, so you can invest in your real estate goals with confidence, knowing you’re working with experts in the field.

Certified Energy Star Auditors

Our Certified Energy Star Auditors have undergone extensive training to lead the way in energy efficiency. With a strong emphasis on education, our auditors have acquired the knowledge and qualifications necessary to assess, recommend, and implement energy-saving solutions for your property. Achieving the prestigious Energy Star certification requires dedication to training, and our team is dedicated to helping you lower energy consumption, reduce utility costs, and lessen your environmental impact. Trust our Certified Energy Star Auditors to leverage their training for your benefit.

RESNET Accredited Provider

We take pride in being a RESNET Accredited Provider, which speaks to the exceptional training and qualifications of our team. RESNET, the Residential Energy Services Network, sets the industry standard for energy efficiency assessments. Our dedicated professionals have undergone extensive training and met the rigorous requirements to earn this prestigious accreditation. When you choose us, you’re choosing experts who have the knowledge and expertise to help you make your property more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Qualified Fidelity Inspectors

Above all the external trainings awarded by various organizations, state, and regulatory agencies, we maintain our internal commitment to the highest standards of quality in our work. Long before Washington State had standards, Fidelity Building Inspectors were flying around the nation receiving training from the leading experts in building science because we’ve always believed this principle: A great investment deserves a great investigation.

A Trusted Name

When it comes to inspecting buildings, Fidelity is a trusted name in the industry. We continue to build lasting relationships with our clients and partners by consistently delivering on our commitment to excellence. If you want a quality inspection that you can rely on, give us a call.

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