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Fidelity Building Inspections

Providing Investors and Owners with 50 years of building system and component experience

Providing Investors and Owners with 50 years of building system and component experience

We help investors, attorneys, bankers, and business owners by providing consulting services

We help investors and owners protect their real estate portfolio by providing consulting services

50 Years of ExPERIENCE

Based in The Puget Sound

Fully Licensed


Is your investment protected?

We consult for 3 main reasons:

Health & Safety

Numerous novice investors often overlook the significance of small, routine property maintenance tasks that play a pivotal role in safeguarding their investment from long-term, extensive damage. While real estate can be a lucrative venture, neglecting minor issues such as overgrown foliage, which can invite invasive ant colonies, or failing to address moisture intrusion that fosters the growth of harmful molds, can result in permanent harm to both the property and its occupants. At Fidelity Building Inspections, we specialize in partnering with investors and property owners, offering comprehensive consulting services to ensure the protection of your real estate portfolio, not just in the present, but for years to come.

Property Value

We have a proven track record of partnering with investors and property owners to identify key areas of their portfolio that can be optimized or corrected to improve or maintain their property value. Our 

Building Science

50 Years Experience

With 26 years in construction experience ranging from finish carpentry to general contracting, and 24 years inspecting experience, Rod provides an unparalleled understanding of building system, components, and environments.

A Proven Record

Over the past several years Rod has beome the trusted go to for bankers, attorneys, and investors in the Puget Sound area. He always looks out for his clients and has appeared in court as an expert witness to testify on behalf of clients saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Fully Licensed

In 1997 there were no standards for inspecting in Washington State. Flying across the country Rod sought certifications and training from the leading experts in their fields. When asked why he has continued this life-long pursuit of education and certification Rod replies simply, “A great investment deserves a great investigation.”

Meet Rod

Rod’s passion for learning about building systems, components, and environments led him through a long career in construction and inspection industries. Eary in his career he broke the world record for the fastest house built, and a few years later he went on to build beautiful energy efficient homes. He founded Fidelity Building Inspections with this same passion for learning and eventually was nominated to become the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) Education Committee Chairman. He was renominated to serve a total of 3 consecutive years before retiring (something unheard of previously). He went on to teach the local ASHI Inspectors in the Puget Sound, developing the curriculum and training for 10 straight years. Trusted by bankers, business owners, and investors in multiple states, Today Rod uses his knowledge and experience to assist these professionals in protecting their portfolios and their clients. His expertise in building systems and componenets, and dedication to quality work helps investors, bankers, and business owners optimize profits and increase the longevity of their properties, and attorneys protect their clients.

Step 1: Call (206) INS-PECT

Call us at (206) 467-7328 (INSPECT) to speak with Rod about your consulting needs.

Step 2: Provide Info

Let us know the specifics of the portfolio or project you would like consulting services on.

Step 3: Relax!

Relax knowing your property will be inspected thoroughly and a quality report will be sent to you.

What Our Clients Are Saying...

My father recommended I consult with Rod on my real estate portfolio. I ignored this advice, and ran into serious problems with a property I acquired. I called Rod who came out and immediately uncovered the source of the problem and gave me a clear path to resolution. I will be sure to call Rod before I buy from now on.

Eric J.

5 Stars! This was my first time working with Rod and he is a wealth of knowledge!

Kalai K.

Rod has helped on two cases where he appeared in court as a witness. In both cases Rod’s findings helped close the case for my clients. I have insisted having him on retainer and he is always my first call!

Gerald N.

A Bit more about Rod

Rod Beacham’s journey in construction began at an early age, when he took on a job at 14 to help his family. This determination led him to start his own construction company, Beacham Construction, in 1978, when he was only 22 years old. During his career, Rod accomplished several exceptional feats. In 1982, he set a world record for the fastest-framed house. He also built a spacious energy-efficient home for his parents and managed to keep the electricity bill at a mere $35 per month. After establishing himself as a successful contractor, he founded Fidelity Building Inspections in 1997. Rod aimed to provide top-tier building inspection services to the Seattle/Puget Sound area and quickly rose to prominence, eventually becoming the premier building inspection company. Rod’s passion for sharing knowledge helped him become the ASHI education chairman, continuing this duty for three consecutive years, and training all new ASHI Inspectors in Washington State for 10 years. Today, he uses his knowledge and experience to assist investors and owners in making sound investments. His expertise in building systems and componenets, and dedication to quality work can help investors optimize profits and increase the longevity of their properties. Whether you have a portfolio or project, Rod Beacham is a specialist who can guide you into making wise investment decisions. Contact him at (206) 467-7328.

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