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Fidelity Building Inspections

We specialize in knowing what others don't so you can count on us to catch what others won't!

The Fidelity Way

In 1997 the standards for building inspections in Washington State just didn’t exist. At that time Rod was a general contractor and was repeatedly asked by home and business owners to help repair some terrible disaster that had occurred because the inspector had missed it. Fidelity Building Inspections was created because Rod believes it’s just plain wrong that people get stuck with expensive surprises they could have avoided if they had been warned in advance. Today we work to ensure that home owners and investors keep their homes and investments safe by hiring qualified inspectors to perform quality inspections.

Standards of Practice

We follow both the local and national standards of practice, adhereing to the highest standards set forth by Washington State, The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), and our own Fidelity Building Inspections quality standards.

How we Inspect

At Fidelity we inspect the same property 4 different ways to ensure we capture every aspect of what our clients need to know about to ensure their home or investment is safe and secure.


Most clients notice we usually start our inspection outside the property. This is because there are so many factors which impact a property and it’s strutural integrity before you even consider the property itself. For example, a brand new home with negative grade could have a flooded basement the next time a heavy rain comes through. While a 30 year old property could be well protected from pests due to no earth-to-wood contact.

System by System

As we inspect the entire property we are testing GFCI, electrical panels and receptacles for correct wiring; faucet and tub flood drains for proper operation, doors, ducts and vents for proper function, secure connections, and more. These basic and advanced systems of the home are what provide the health and safety of the property.

Room by Room

Often times when there is a concern it is localized to a certain area. By understanding the specific room or area of the property in which an issue is discovered, it allows a clearer understanding of what caused it and whether a specialized professional is required to resolve it.


This is where we look at the vents, ducts, plumbing, electrical, joists and beams that may run in your attic or crawlspace. Often times these “hidden” or less accesible areas can hold the small problems which when addressed quickly, keep your investment secure over the long run. Properly secured vents help protect against pest intrusion, while the right brackets for plumbing will help prevent corrosion and an inevitable leak.

Our Clients Know:

A great investment deserves a great investigation

Limited Availability

We accept only a limited number of inspections each week in order to maintain the integrity and quality of our inspecting and inspection reports. If you would like to schedule an inspection or learn more about what inspection is right for you, give us a call.